The history of the MixCases

The MixCase series started in 2011, as Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix.
The Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix is a weekly recurring part of the radio program Somertijd by Rob van Someren. It will be broadcast on Friday afternoon immediately after the 6:00 pm news. A Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix is a compilation of various danceable hits in a mix of a maximum of 6 minutes. Anyone who wants to can submit a mix that will be broadcast after a positive review by the editors.

The Somertijd program was broadcast on Radio Veronica until 2014, and moved to Radio 10 in 2014.

In 2019, the 100th MixCase was broadcast. That was a great opportunity for Kees to complete the Saga. In the meantime, there were enough other mixers to take over. The last 25 MixCases have been combined by Kees into a long mix of 3 hours: The XL MixCase.

Isla 106

In March 2020 Kees was approached by famous producer Peter Gelderblom (known from “Waiting 4”, his remix of the song “By The Way” of the “Red Hot Chili Peppers”). Peter had plans to launch a new radio station on Ibiza, Isla 106, by April 2020. This station focuses mainly on Dance Classics and House music. For the Saturday night programming, Peter was still looking for someone who would deliver a weekly mix of an hour. And Kees seemed to be the right person for this. The Saturday evening programming already included Ben Liebrand, Wessel van Diepen (Vengaboys). Dennis Ruyers, Robin Albers (JayDee) and DJ Jean. Big names! The long episodes of the MixCase Saga will be broadcasted every Saturday at 6PM and rerun every Sunday at 3PM. On December 26 2020 the final MixCase was broadcasted on Isla106.

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As of September 2020, all MixCases (both the short and the long versions) will also be broadcast on the new internet radio station 24Disco. The long version of the MixCase will be broadcast on Sunday at 8:00PM, and will be rerun on Wednesday at 8PM. On Friday evening at “twee platen over acht”, so around 8:10PM, a short MixCase will be broadcast in the program “Let’s Groove Tonight” with DJ Alexio (Alex van der Sluijs). This program will be repeated on Tuesday evenings at 7PM.

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Special Editions

In addition to the regular MixCases, special editions have also been made:

  • MixCase XMas Edition: A special MixCase with only Christmas songs. Aired on the Somertijd-show around Christmas in 2011 and repeated around Christmas in 2012 and 2013. For more info on the MixCase XMas Edition, you can find it here.

  • XL MixCase: MixCases 76 to 100 are consecutive mixes. Thit means: The first track of the new MixCase connects to the last track of the previous one. After the broadcast of the last MixCase in the Somertijd-Show (MixCase 100), Kees mixed the 25 last MixCases together into one long mix. As a bonus, MixCases 61, 18, 31, 74 and 30 (in this order) were mixed in front the extra long mix. This created a nonstop XL MixCase of 500 tracks in exactly 3 hours.
    For more info on the XL MixCase, you can find it here.

Overzicht MixCases

An overview of the different MixCases can be found below. Clicking on a MixCase will take you to that page with more information about the mix.

MixCases - The short versions

MixCase #Broadcast Date
MixCase 0112-08-2011
MixCase 0226-08-2011
MixCase 0316-09-2011
MixCase 0407-10-2011
MixCase 0511-11-2011
MixCase 0618-11-2011
MixCase 0723-12-2011
MixCase 0813-01-2012
MixCase 0903-02-2012
MixCase 1017-02-2012
MixCase 1123-03-2012
MixCase 122012-04-20
MixCase 1304-05-2012
MixCase 1418-05-2012
MixCase 1501-06-2012
MixCase 1615-06-2012
MixCase 1706-07-2012
MixCase 1820-07-2012
MixCase 1927-07-2012
MixCase 2024-08-2012
MixCase 2131-08-2012
MixCase 2207-09-2012
MixCase 2321-09-2012
MixCase 2412-10-2012
MixCase 2519-10-2012
MixCase 2626-10-2012
MixCase 2702-11-2012
MixCase 2809-11-2012
MixCase 2930-11-2012
MixCase 3007-12-2012
MixCase 3101-02-2013
MixCase 3215-02-2013
MixCase 3301-03-2013
MixCase 3415-03-2013
MixCase 3505-04-2013
MixCase 3603-05-2012
MixCase 3724-05-2013
MixCase 3828-06-2013
MixCase 3912-07-2013
MixCase 4026-07-2013
MixCase 4123-08-2013
MixCase 4206-09-2013
MixCase 4327-09-2013
MixCase 4408-11-2013
MixCase 4522-11-2013
MixCase 4613-12-2013
MixCase 4710-01-2014
MixCase 4824-01-2014
MixCase 4914-02-2014
MixCase 5028-02-2014
MixCase 5128-03-2014
MixCase 5218-04-2014
MixCase 5309-05-2014
MixCase 5430-05-2014
MixCase 5513-06-2014
MixCase 5627-06-2014
MixCase 5707-07-2014
MixCase 5825-07-2014
MixCase 59
MixCase 60
MixCase 61
MixCase 62
MixCase 63
MixCase 6416-01-2015
MixCase 6530-01-2015
MixCase 6620-02-2015
MixCase 6706-03-2015
MixCase 6827-03-2015
MixCase 6901-05-2015
MixCase 7015-05-2015
MixCase 7112-06-2015
MixCase 7207-08-2015
MixCase 7321-08-2015
MixCase 7411-09-2015
MixCase 7530-10-2015
MixCase 7608-01-2016
MixCase 7712-02-2016
MixCase 7825-03-2016
MixCase 7929-04-2016
MixCase 8008-07-2016
MixCase 8119-08-2016
MixCase 8230-09-2016
MixCase 8328-10-2016
MixCase 8403-02-2017
MixCase 8514-04-2017
MixCase 8602-06-2017
MixCase 8718-08-2017
MixCase 8829-09-2017
MixCase 8901-12-2017
MixCase 9016-02-2018
MixCase 9104-05-2018
MixCase 9215-06-2018
MixCase 9331-08-2018
MixCase 9404-01-2019
MixCase 9508-03-2019
MixCase 9626-04-2019
MixCase 9728-06-2019
MixCase 9813-09-2019
MixCase 9918-10-2019
MixCase 10022-11-2019
XL MixCase

MixCases - The long versions

MixCase #Broadcast Date
MixCase 10128-03-2020
MixCase 10204-04-2020
MixCase 10311-04-2020
MixCase 10418-04-2020
MixCase 10525-04-2020
MixCase 10602-05-2020
MixCase 10709-05-2020
MixCase 10816-05-2020
MixCase 10923-05-2020
MixCase 11030-05-2020
MixCase 11106-06-2020
MixCase 11213-06-2020
MixCase 11320-06-2020
MixCase 11427-06-2020
MixCase 11504-07-2020
MixCase 11611-07-2020
MixCase 11718-07-2020
MixCase 11825-07-2020
MixCase 11901-08-2020
MixCase 12008-08-2020
MixCase 12115-08-2020
MixCase 12222-08-2020
MixCase 12329-08-2020
MixCase 12405-09-2020
MixCase 12512-09-2020
MixCase 12619-09-2020
MixCase 12726-09-2020
MixCase 12803-10-2020
MixCase 12917-10-2020
MixCase 13031-10-2020
MixCase 13114-11-2020
MixCase 13228-11-2020
MixCase 13312-12-2020
MixCase 13419-12-2020
MixCase 13526-12-2020